Hot stamping

The most common form of container branding, hot stamping may be used for council/company logos, serial numbers, or customised instructions. This dry-printing method is able to be applied to a bin lid or body.

In-Mould Labelling

An in-mould label is a coloured label moulded onto the lid of a bin. Most commonly used to communicate waste stream instructions, they are scratch- and weather-proof and do not fade or peel off. An excellent alternative to hot stamping which is one colour only.

RFID identification & information technology

OTTO is able to install a RFID micro-chip into bins at the time of manufacture. This allows for automatic identification of the bin during waste collection in order to gather information such as weight and frequency of emptying.

Knowing more about what you collect and the usage of the bins will help you improve your collection frequency, routes and give you the opportunity to bill users separately. Once your bins are identified with an electronic chip, we can equip your collection trucks with the necessary receivers, weighing systems and software so that all the vital information is collected into a central database. You will then have access to that database to develop your own statistics, or you can ask us to give you the right tools to analyse your information.